Gwyneth Olwyn is the owner of Your Eatopia. She is a patient advocate and a member of Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

Patient advocacy is an area of lay specialization in health care concerned with patient education, how to obtain care, and how to navigate complex health care provision systems. Patient advocates do not offer health care services.

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Online Gems, Part 2/?


[Before I begin I will again say that this is in no way a jibe against Gwyn Olwyn or MinnieMaud, but more the thought processes of the community the two have created.  This community and way of thinking may not have been the intention of Ms. Olwyn, but there is no denying its existence and prevalence on both Tumblr, as well as elsewhere on the web.]

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It does not matter that you quote accurately, you are not in a position to claim editorial exemption from my copyright because you are a subscriber to Tumblr and not running an independent website.

You are a member on my website for the sole purpose of lifting material that is not available for public view and that actually does hurt the members on my site who are active on the forums.

I was made aware of this post by members on my site who find the fact that there is someone who is a member on my site and yet is there merely looking for fodder to take out of context to ridicule others is, well, sad.

Why not just limit your disgust and disdain to quoting what other subscribers actually post on Tumblr about the evil black and white thinking going on? — that will not get you all up in my copyright for the Your Eatopia website.

Remove all material lifted from the Your Eatopia site now. Last request here.

Online Gems, Part 2/?



[Before I begin I will again say that this is in no way a jibe against Gwyn Olwyn or MinnieMaud, but more the thought processes of the community the two have created. This community and way of thinking may not have been the intention of Ms. Olwyn, but there is no denying its…

So, if we take the cameras away from issues in the middle east, will that solve our terrorist problem?

Probably not.

This, again, is not critcism of you or MM.  It is a criticism of the community it has created.  Whether you like it or not, many of the people who follow your guidelines see them as the “be all, end all” of recovery from a restrictive eating disorder.

As someone who fell back into BED because of this black-and-white thinking, I feel I have some license to disagree.  

I don’t pin it on you, and I don’t pin it on your blog.  This isn’t your fault.

This is the fault of hundreds of young people who believe an online suggestion hold more weight than the words of a medical professional, and of those who think every body is the same.

You have license to disagree but you don’t have license to my copyrighted material on Your Eatopia, so either you remove the post or Tumblr will do it for me. 

Online Gems, Part 2/?


[Before I begin I will again say that this is in no way a jibe against Gwyn Olwyn or MinnieMaud, but more the thought processes of the community the two have created.  This community and way of thinking may not have been the intention of Ms. Olwyn, but there is no denying its existence and prevalence on both Tumblr, as well as elsewhere on the web.]

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You can complain all you want about the Your Eatopia community and whatever they might post as subscribers here. You can complain all you want about me — What do I care? This is Tumblr for chrissake!

But continue to lift material from the member-only forums on my website and you are coming across as a lady who calls the cops to say that she can see the couple across the street having sex and when they arrive she is standing at her upstairs bedroom window leaning out and training her binoculars on the house at the end of the street outraged that she has a clear view of the disgusting copulating couple.

Just put the binoculars away, step away from the window and problem solved ok?

If the above isn’t removed within 12 hours, I will contact Tumblr admin. and they’ll take it down for me (read your subscriber contract if you need to understand how that works).



The very existence of the main Your Eatopia site and every blog post there is designed to encourage those with restrictive eating disorders to pursue remission from their health-destroying, life-limiting condition.

Am I therefore victimizing those who have active an eating disorder where remission is never going to be a feasible or even desirable option?

No, and here’s why:

If I developed a website dedicated to helping people with celiac disease find better ways to replace gluten in their diets, along with generating an accompanying database of references that reveal all the science behind the value of replacing gluten when diagnosed with celiac disease, then am I not inciting hatred of celiac patients who continue to eat gluten-based foods.

If I even developed a website dedicated to helping homosexuals become heterosexual then, while I wouldn’t be able to create a database of references that reveal any science behind the value (because those data don’t exist and there are no causative negative health outcomes for sexual orientation), I would still not be inciting hatred of homosexuals who decline to be “re-trained”. (I personally find the idea of a site like that absurd but I recognize that folks can have those sites out there if they want)

You may not like the fact that Your Eatopia exists, but its existence does not victimize you in any way.

Nothing on my website or in any of my public or private interactions with community members could ever be construed as inciting hatred, abuse or alienation of those with restrictive eating disorders.

No claims, assurances or medical advice are presented there (or here). The scary-monster MinnieMaud guidelines are not presented as “the only one true, right way to ‘freedom’ from an eating disorder (kneel before Zod and all hail the Spaghetti Monster too)”.

I don’t eat gluten because I have celiac disease. And while I would never go so far as to encourage someone with celiac disease actually eat gluten, I will not merely accept the fact that some will, I will actually defend the possibility that such a life-limiting, health-harming behavior is not within their locus of control to change at all.

Blame is a soul-destroying slippery slope into true ugliness.

Don’t ever tell me it’s my fault xyz has happened to you because of my site or even my direct input regarding your particular circumstances.

If you… 

  • don’t read for comprehension;
  • don’t pay attention to legal and safety disclaimers;
  • don’t absorb the many ways in which I reiterate that there are absolutely no assurances when it comes to any recovery process;
  • don’t involve adequate professional medical and psychological support;
  • don’t discuss and review options with family and friends;
  • or don’t trust the input of those professional and familial inputs,

…then, like everything else in life,

Ignorance is no excuse.

Harsh, but a life truth I’m afraid.

And if you’re one of those “Oh the babies, the babies!” nanny types who simply wants to protect vulnerable, mentally-ill people from the scientifically-based recommendations for rest, re-feeding and input from professional medical and psychological advisors that I flog on my site as suggested best practice for recovery, then you face yet another harsh reality that must be accepted in our society: if those poor souls are sufficiently capable of firing up a computer and looking out on the interwebs, then there’s absolutely nothing you can do to save them from themselves and vilifying me won’t get the job done either. 

However just as I will call you out if you are eating gluten but telling me you aren’t (if you have celiac disease), I am not going to play cognitive dissonance games with how you are all into recovery from your eating disorder at 1500 calories a day of clean eating, swimming, running and cross-training with no menstrual cycle, the bones of an 80 year old and the sex drive of, well, a dead guy.

But you have the ultimate self-empowering option: visit or don’t visit the site and follow or don’t follow MinnieMaud guidelines.

If you are a minor, then your guardians do indeed get to tell you whether you will undergo a recovery effort from your active eating disorder and how that might be applied as well. But as gaggles of baby Tumblrites have already figured out, the efforts of parents and guardians are still easy enough to sabotage, if that is your preference.

And if, when you are an adult, you have a change of heart and realize that a recovery effort is desirable for you now for your own reasons, there are no assurances that a) you even get a do-over and b) it will result in remission.


I Say For The Umpteenth Time: No Assurances

No one can tell you, as you embark on a recovery effort, whether remission is in the cards for you or not. No one. Maybe you will have vastly improved outcomes, but still juggle the various facets of the eating disorder (and its health impacts) on a daily, but much less intense, basis. Maybe you will experience cycles of remittance and relapse. Maybe you will remain in permanent lifetime remission. You might die either before you ever attempt re-feeding or recovery, or there is even a slight chance of dying directly because you attempt recovery too.

And all those maybes might just render you immobile and ambivalent— frozen in the headlights and slowly deteriorating hoping for something magical to happen that will resolve the impasse.

I will defend your right to be in any of those spaces so how about everyone go back to taking responsibility for their own choices, mkay?

Your Eatopia/ MM/ Gwyneth Olwyn


I have read quite a bit of stick on tumblr lately for the minniemaud guidelines on youreatopia

If you don’t like them, you don’t have to follow them. They are certainly not for everyone.

They are a guide to refeeding and breaking eating disorder habits- NOT for reaching remission, as this…

Just a quick clarification, the MinnieMaud Guidelines do include the following:

"In addition to these simple, yet hard to apply, necessities there is also a need to recognize that restrictive eating disorders are neurobiological conditions. You are not cured by restoring weight. The condition can be active or in remission, but it is never cured.

To get to a robust and permanent remission, you have to incorporate, along with weight restoration and physical repair efforts, the fact that the anxiety you feel welling up when you eat unrestrictedly has to be addressed as part of your treatment.

You have practiced maladaptive responses to that anxiety (dieting, exercising, cycling through restriction with reactive eating, etc.) and it helps to have a guide and teacher to help you learn the well-adapted techniques for responding to the anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, exposure/response prevention therapy—all are suitable options to investigate with a counsellor or therapist of your choosing. Over time, it not only gets easier to automatically apply well-adapted responses, but you will find the underlying anxieties ease as well.”

Excerpted from the original post that explains the guidelines and can be found here:  MinnieMaud Guidelines



i still really dont get the whole minniemaud thing….. how does one lady on the internet know how much every persons minimum is? mine was around 2400 when i was first in recovery, now i have no idea how much i eat but i think its around there but i also exercise??? but other girls at my treatment…

There is no universal “minimum,” which is why I question MinnieMaud. I was force-fed 3,000+ per day for threeish months before actually deciding to do MM, which sent me spiraling into a BED relapse.

There are plenty of people who recover just fine using MM, but I was not one of them.

I was the one who wrote the post about SuperSize Me, however I was forced to remove it as Olwyn herself threatened legal action for “libel.” I asked her what about my post was “libelous,” and she has yet to answer.

Your anonymity and the character limits of the “ask” functionality on Tumblr did not allow for me to elaborate on the libellous content but I am happy to provide you with more detail via this reblog. By the way, you were also infringing on my copyright as well and Tumblr administration was about to remove the post on those grounds, but you had already responded to the issue due to the message I sent you regarding the issue of libel. Thank you for such a prompt response.

Your quotations assigned as “MM” were actually statements made by third parties who posted on the members-only forums on Your Eatopia.

The forum guidelines specifically state: “The views, opinions, research, advice or information expressed in the forums is provided by the user community of Your Eatopia; it IS NOT the product of the Your Eatopia site or its owner.

Therefore you were publishing false statements regarding MM (MinnieMaud Guidelines) which is the product of Your Eatopia and its owner (me). Publishing false statements is the definition of libel.

Generally I don’t concern myself with all the copyright infringements I see  on these debunk-Olwyn thingies, so if you want to lift material from my site without my permission I’ll look the other way. However, it has to be my material and not that of third parties posting on the members-only forums.

If you would like to take apart the MM Guidelines, then use direct quotes from the Guidelines with correct attribution.

Best wishes on your continued success with the Questioning of Ms. Olwyn.


Medicare Payments to Primary Care Physicians a Big Issue


… the most important thing revealed by this data, I believe, is the enormously skewed reimbursement by specialty. It is an excellent window into the incredible differences in reimbursement for different specialties, with the ophthalmologists, radiation oncologists, etc. making huge incomes while primary care doctors (and nurse practitioners) are making $57 for an office visit. This is major. The fact that Medicare pays so fantastically much more for procedures (and, as a note, it is likely that all of the doctors, including the 202 family doctors in the highest-paid 2%, are getting it for doing a lot of procedures) leads to private insurers paying similarly more. And makes these specialties very attractive to medical students because they are lucrative (and often, though not in the case of many surgical specialties, involve fewer hours of work). Which leads to fewer primary care doctors, and a dramatic shortage in this country.

Medicare could change this. It could dramatically, not a little bit, change the reimbursement for cognitive visits to be closer to the payment for these procedures. If it did, so would private insurers. If the income of primary care doctors was 70% of that of specialists (instead of say, 30%) data from Altarum researchers and from Canada suggest that the influence of income on specialty choice would largely disappear. More students would enter primary care, and in time we would begin to see a physician workforce that would be closer to what this country needs, about 50% doctors actually practicing primary care.

This is a huge issue in Canadian healthcare as well. 

(Source: shrinkrants)


It always troubles me when people, in speaking about mental illness, completely (or largely) disregard biology just as much as it troubles me when people disregard society and the environment. Both are important and neither can exist in isolation. Viewing mental illness solely as a product of…